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From Tunis thx to Ouled el Kite

I took off to Tunisia to cover a post temporarily, Tunisia has a lot of water around and kiteboarding must have been possible. 

So I packed my odd-size personal affairs, went to Kastrup, boarded and landed in Tunis. My bag arrived in no time and off we went to La Goulette. 

La Goulette is a quiet lay back neighborhood away from the fuss of expat communities, near a fish-market and a vegetable market populated with locals. If you were to spend some time here in Tunis, I would definitely recommend finding a nice place here; you can find good stuff via airbnb.  

La Goulette has a nice beach where you can go for after work session with south-east winds (see picture below) when you don't have time to reach THE spot.

​It took me a few hours to get in touch with the local community connected via the Facebook group Ouled El Kite which in Arab means 'children of the kite' (or something along these lines). Great group of people super friendly, with a few good riders among them including a PKRA rider. They were very kind and showed me the best spot on the first windy day. The spot is close to the village Kalat El Andalous, 45 mins drive outside Tunis.

​The spot offers open sea with chops or waves and a outstanding lagoon with glassy flat water. With south and south-east wind you ride the lagoon off-shore which provides opportunities to try all your freestyle moves plus new ones...

The guys of Ouled el Kite are ready to help with car rescue on the other side of the lagoon in case s**t happens.

It is almost November and wetsuits are still hardly needed.

I look forward to new sessions with the friends of Ouled El Kite and nail down new tricks, for instance coming back with a f16 in my repertoire would make me happy.

Thumbs up to Ouled el Kite and I will keep on updating with pictures when the next session comes :-)

Come and visit!

Placering (Kort)

Tunis, Tunisia
Naish demodag i Strandparken.
Kitesurf Wave Demo d. 29/10